image Why I do it
My sister and her husband made me godfather to their three little girls, and you know, I adore those girls. They are rambunctious and energetic little construction worker princesses who build their own pillow forts and love to climb, play, and braid each other’s hair. Your pictures should not be like everyone else's. The photos that I make show the uniqueness of each family. We will make images that you will love to show off. Even better, you will love to make the images. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, we can meet throughout the DC Metro area so you can take your pictures at your favorite places.

Stress-free fun
Portrait studio photos look stodgy and each portrait looks the same. It's stressful making the kids wait in line and you go crazy trying to get them to sit still. But when I get together with your family, we do the exact opposite. We take plenty of time to get settled in and get to know each other. Your kids have time to fuss and it's no big deal. Nobody's waiting in line. They can even go down for a nap if we need, and Mom and Dad can have their pictures taken while we wait. You're comfortable in your home, at your favorite park, or doing your favorite family hobbies. Your pictures look their best when you are relaxed and comfortable. Everything I do is to help you get those photos and have a nice time doing it.

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